The SNAPTRAC® is an affordable bridge crane system that is very easy to assemble.  Buy affordable bridge cranes online here!


SNAPTRAC is the most cost effective material movement solution. Build your own modular custom crane and increase production safety.

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Buy SNAPTRAC the affordable crane product online or in a retail store. Shipping available to all 50 States & Canada.  Cranes in stock

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Our clients are worldwide. We take great pride in our craft and are dedicated to not only serving our customers, but our community as well.

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Client Testimonial

"We weren’t really sure what we would use the SnapTrac for at first, but after we got it I almost need to make an appointment to use it now."

Bernard, Jay Leno’s Garage

"It moves like butter!!"

Rich Evans, Rich Evans Designs

"We love the SnapTrac!"

Dave Stern, Affinia Brake Parts

"I want to thank you for making the SnapTrac. I was able to purchase everything I needed from McMaster Carr to install a crane inside a 24 foot by 14 foot room. The instructions are simple and the crane works great. It didn't cost a gazillion dollars and everyone is happy. It is quiet and a simple design. If I decide to install one at home, I know what to buy."

Daniel Plzak, Industrial Maintenance Engineer

"We are in Afghanistan and are extremely excited about this product. Thanks again for an awesome product and your support of us over here kicking some Taliban Ass."

Pat Milton, CW4, OD

"I do not know how we managed without the Snap Trac system for so long. We now safely move projects from machine to machine with no effort or risk of damage."

Mike McGhee, Cutaway Creations LLC

"No shop should be without one of these."

Sam Memmola, Two Guys Garage Host

"…couldn’t have been easier to install and adjust."

Professional Crane Inspections,

"…you’ll be wondering how you ever got along without it!"

Trucks! TV,

"Here at Boyd Coddington’s Garage, we use SnapTrac and it comes in handy everyday."

Duane Mayer, Boyd Coddington’s Hot Rod Shop

"…would not hesitate recommending to anyone looking for a quality, well priced, smooth operating crane."

Summit Marine,

"“…the best thing about the SnapTrac may not only be the ease that it goes together, but how effortlessly it works!"

Powder Coat Paint,

"The SnapTrac is easy to use, it rolls very smooth even with a heavy load and the reach is great. You don't have to worry about hitting the stops before you set to where you need to be."

Shawn Adams, Victory Welding

"Honestly, it is the best tool in the shop!"

Tony Bischoff, BES Racing Engines

"We have just installed one of your SnapTrac units, and I wanted to congratulate your company on an “…excellent design. Easy to install and very smooth operation."

Ron Sumner, Triumph Group, Inc.