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Overhead Cranes Manufacturers


A family of innovators

Kundel Industries is a family owned and operated company. When the construction industry demanded an inexpensive solution to facilitate digging and laying pipe, Kundel Industries heard the call and responded in kind by developing the Trench Box. A best seller, the Kundel Trench Box was and continues to be a tremendously effective and indispensable tool. That was in 1987. Since then and to date Kundel has well over twenty products and systems on the market selling to both consumer and commercial industries.

Inspired by technological breakthroughs such as articulating bridges and pendulating runways dating back to the turn of the century, Kundel Industries continues to develop and manufacture products that build on principles developed during the Industrial Revolution. Kundel crane systems utilize high yield steel, modular designs and multiple articulating bridges to effortlessly and inexpensively move your product. The end result is a remarkable increase in production and safety.

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